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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )

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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Sun Jul 14, 2013 4:12 pm

Skye just looked at everyone wide eyed, she was unsure of what was going on, who all these people were. She just held her hand to herself and watched as Taizo and Helios seemed to bicker with each other. She just raised an eye brow at all the comments between each other. Was Helios really seeing another girl?

Just as she was starting to not believe it, a small girl ran forward. she had pink hair and was wearing a frilly dress. Her assumption were made clear as she jumped up on Helios and Taizo. Harmony.

Skye just looked at the ground. she wasn't mad, she didn't have a right to be. Apparently they had previous engagements. Meeting Harmony at the fountain apparently. " I am sorry for keeping up your time My King." She said in a monotone voice. She bowed her head, folded her hands in front of her and walked inside. She was just confused more than anything.

Skye walked inside to see Kaige and Kariline walking in. She smiled, and ran up to hug her nephew and good friend. The boy with the dark brown hair and different colored eyes. Tsubaki's twin, and Kari, "Uncle" Gale's and " Auntie" Luna's daughter. She is one of the youngest of them all.
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Sun Jul 14, 2013 4:27 pm

Harmony looked at the girl that walked away as she was on Taizo's shoulder. Taizo looked at Skye with a smile on his face, Helios went after Skye, as Taizo went in with them. though that is when Taizo made the comment.
"Heli. Didn't you forget. You should invite the pretty girl to hang with us. Why don't you all come, there is going to be a big dinner to honor everyone." Taizo laughed. "Skye can meet your girlfrield Helios."

Helios's face went red. "I don't have..."
Harmoney looked at skye with a smile. "Who is your girlfiend...are you dating Stein then? If you are dating the child of stein you might want to rethink that. she will gut you!"
Helios lowered his head, and looked at Skye. As he really liked her, ever since they were kids and now they are messing everything up. Helios punched the stone wall and got angry walking outside and jumping over the balcony using his wind bending taking him into town.
"Taizo! You are going too far with your jokes! Now Princy is up up! taizo!!" She started hitting him on the head, as Draco walked in.
Wearing black pants, a black dress shirt and a red trench coat, his long green hair flowed on his shoulder. He walked over rubbing the back of his head. "What is all this about?" He laused when he saw Skye and Kari. He bowed his head to them and stood up. "I apologize for the idiot. I am Lord Draco Corlock. Whom might this lovely lady be?"

Harmony giggled. "Hey Draco, Helios ran off. who is this girl he is seeing Taizo!!!" Harmony started wailing on his head and Taizo was screaming for her to get off of him.
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Sun Jul 14, 2013 4:41 pm

Kairline smiled as Skye came up to her and hugged her. It had been such a long since they had seen each other. Last time was at uncle Saichi's house when Arlania and Skye had dropped in to get weapons refurbished. Kaige just winked at Kariline and walked farther in to say hello to his mother and sister.

Skye just smiled with Kari and then suddenly they were surrounded once more. Harmony, Taizo came in behind them and Skye rolled her eyes. But there was a new gentlemen in front of them. A green haired boy, very handsome and seemed very regal, and as soon as he introduced himself, Skye understood why. He was nobility in the vermillion empire. Military Nobility, not blood nobility but might as well be.

Kari blushed as he asked for thier names. Skye smiled and said simply, " My name is Skye Shir, and this is Kariline Kaido my best friend." she said, answering for Kari who seemed to be too shy. Yes skye thought he was attractive but she was a bit distracted at what Harmony had said,

" wait so Harmony, your not Helios's girlfriend?" she was confused, who was this girl Taizo was talking about?
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Sun Jul 14, 2013 4:51 pm

Draco smiled and took the girls hands and kissed the back of them before standing up stragiht. Hearing why Helios was upset now, he turned and looked at Taizo as Harmony got off of Taizo's back, Draco stood a few inches taller than Taizo, he punched Taizo in the stomach causing Taizo to be on his knees with Draco's foot on his back. Looking straight at the girls.

"Now Taizo...apologize for causing these ladies trouble." Draco said calmly, his face never changing from calm. As Taizo was trying to catch his breath.

Harmony walked up to Skye and looked at her. "Oh wait your Skye. Your the one that Helios talked about alot. No as far as I know he doesn't have a girlfriend, though I and Toraika have asked, he always said no and that he was waiting for someone. So we all assumed he had a girlfriend in secret. being a royal guess he wanted to keep her hidden." Harmony laughed, rubbing the back of her head. "Though him and Stein are rather close. Since it was hergrandfather that trained him in combat mainly."

"Oh come on. he has to be dating Stein, she is a loco coco, and Heli spends alot of time with her so I assumed they were dating." Taizo laughed, holding his stomach. DRaco released Taizo knowing that Taizo was right.
"You do know the only reason that is. She is really sick, so I do see your point." Draco explained, turning to the women, he bowed to Skye and Kari. "I do apologize for my friend. Would you ladies accompany all of us to the capital garden for tea. Taizo here will be playing servant for his choice of teasing of the day."
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:03 pm

Kairline gasped silently with a quick intake as his lips touched her palm. She felt like she would melt underneath him. Kariline was a attractive woman, with long soft pink hair that was pinned on the sides so beautifully with flower and vines she weaved through her hair with her bending. She was wearing a dark pink purple dress that was tighter in the middle and waved out. A pink ribbon that matched her hair was tied around her waste and she was wearing pink flats.

Yes she was always beautiful, but Kariline never thought she would be good enough for someone like Draco so of course she got giddy a bit. Skye on the other hand was getting mad. She watched as Draco hit Taizo and made him fall to the floor. She understood what was happening now. Taizo was pushing buttons when he shouldn't and making wild assumptions.

Skye's eye's widened as Harmony talked to her about what Helios's did. Always talked about her, was waiting for someone. He was waiting for her. Suddenly Skye gasped and she decided that she had to go after him. " Excuse me, but i have to go find Helios. " she said a bit panicked. Skye was just about to dart off, but she stopped.

Turning around she gave Taizo the dirtiest look ever. She then darted off out the balcony. Being Arlania's sister and pupil she was real strong and agile, leaping into the tree that was off the side and elegantly sweeping from the branches an landing on the ground. She had to find him and tell him she loved him.


Kariline smiled at everyone, " I would be pleased to get to finally meet everyone." She got a bit excited when she seen Tsubaki and Kaige talking in the corner, she didn't know she would be here either. Tsubaki smiled and walked up to her, " Hey Kari " she said. Tsubaki fixed her hair over her head and pulled her boomerang over her shoulder, it was getting a bit heavy on her back.

Kari smiled, " We are meeting in the garden for tea, wanna come out?" she asked the Twins respectively
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:13 pm

Draco and everyone watched as Skye left, Taizo stood up and laughed a little bit. Harmony grabbed his ear and dragged him practically all the way to the garden; Draco looked at the rest, staring at them for a moment and thinking abut something.

"Kari is it. whatif she gets there and Taizo is right. That him and Toraika are dating? wouldn't it break her a bit.I would hate to see any woman sad." Draco asked, he helped lead the girls tothe garden.Draco stood up tall as he was keen on looking like a gentleman.


Helios was walking down the street, heading to the garden where a red hooded girl was waiting. She jumped on him giving him a hug, her long white hair flowing out as she was about five foot. Helios smiled down at her as her red eyes looked up at him.
"Your late Helios. Did you greet the guests you needed?" Toraika smiled.
Helios nodded his head as Toraika got on his back and they went and sat under the willow tree in the giant capital garden, the water in the pond nearby looked really nice. they sat next to each other, as they were looking at the water.
"Taizo was a big idiot. Some people came to visit and he well caused some ruckus. He made it sound like I was dating Harmony." Helios rubbed the back of his head.
Toraika laid hear head in his lap, her white hair flowing out of her hood. the sun hidden from her pale skin. Helios placed a hand on her head and patted her head.
"Well Taizo is wrong. Helios don't worry. He is an idiot. I'll be on your side don't worry." Toraika fell asleep on Helios's lap. He put his back against the tree and looked out at the water wishing that Taizo hadn't said those things right when he met back up with skye. Looking down at Toraika, he figured that she had someone special anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:13 pm

Kari looked up at Draco, he asked a very good question. If Helios really was seeing a girl, if they were seeing each other right now, and Skye saw. What would she do? Kari just smiled, " Skye is an amazing woman. She wouldn't dare cry..." Kari pointed at Arlania inside. " You know that older woman right there? That is Arlania Shir, by far one of the most strongest, well rounded, and controlled person i know. " Kari sounded completely sure of what she was saying, " that is Skye's older sister, Arlania taught that girl everything."

Kari smiled back at Draco, " If anyone else could handle facing that, Skye can do it better." She said with a wink at the end. That was the truth.


Skye darted through town, her eyes searching everywhere for Helios. She was determined. She had to tell him how she felt. Skye had a bright smile on her face as she finally reached the fountain. With a quick jerk of her head she spotted Helios, and another girl. A tiny girl who had her head in his lap as they sat underneath a tree.

Skye gasped, hoping that Helios didnt see her as she pulled back behind the building. Her heart was beating really fast. so it was true. Skye took a deep breath, ran her hands through her long brown hair. She wasn't going to cry. she had been gone for ten years, how could she not expect his life to go on. At first she never expected to see her at all.

With that she turned around fast, her hair twirling behind her, and she walked slowly back to the palace. She had alot to think about.


Skye returned to the palace, Kari smiled as she stepped out onto the balcony where everyone was having tea. From the look on Skyes face she decided not to ask about helios. Instead she squealed and pulled Skye inside, " after dinner we are having a dance!" She said with a large grin, " Im so excited!!! Oh my goodness you can't wear that " Kari just smiled and pulled her farther inside, it seemed they were gathering things for dinner already.
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:22 pm

Helios blinked hearing smeone nearby. He put his head gainst the tree calming down before he goes to talk to Skye. Toraika remained asleep on his lap. He wondered though if Skye had anyone special, guess he should have asked. But looking down at Tora, he wondered if it would have been better to have Skye lying there. He sat there waiting for everyone.

Taizo and Harmony showed up sitting down with them.


Draco paused as Skye returned, looking at the look on her face and then turning to Kari. "Even the strongest woman can cry. My mother never cried, till the day she had to say good bye.: He smiled down at Kari, hearing about the dance he forgot. As skye came past him he grabbed her hand and pulled her over to him with a smile on his face giving her a spin. "I can normally read. I think you need a smile my lady." Draco spun her and smiled before standing up straight.
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:46 pm

As Skye was pulled into Draco, Kari smiled and ran to her bag, she was going to find something for Skye to wear, something elegant, and flirty, and made her look beautiful. White, white and black would be gorgeous. And Kari had the perfect gown. A floor length silk gown, it was puffy, just long wavy and silky. With black lace over the bust. Kari grinned and went back to find

He pulled her in and spun her around. It a simple dance for the most part. She was rather surprised more than anything. Skye smiled slightly, " So you can see it on my face huh..." She said embarrassed. She looked up at Draco, he was very nice.
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Sun Jul 14, 2013 9:11 pm

Draco nodded his head at Skye as she replied. Standing her straight up, he turned to Kari and bowed his head to her. Taking Skye to the court yard, he was allowed through the palace since he was learning under Helios. He figured that she needed some fresher air and didn't want to bring up a subject around everyone else.

"Yes I see it. Been trained to sense things. Normally been able to read people really good since I was born. My little sister is bad at it though." Draco smiled, he walked with Skye towards the little bridge that over looked the water. "Its a shame, the look on your face must be what I thought was true about Helios and Stein. But he did talk highly of you. Taizo and Harmony would get onto him about not dating anyone. So anyway, I figured you might like a little calmer hair and enjoy the evening." Draco smiled at her as he picked a red rose and gave to it skye.


Helios came into the palace seeing everyone in his throne room as he was carrying Toraika on his back, Harmony was walking holding his hand and Taizo was behind them alone with no one with him. He lowered his head.
"Dinner should be ready soon?" Helios said.
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   

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" I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )
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