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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )

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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Thu Sep 26, 2013 6:11 pm

Kaige stood up straight, " Well fighting is something that i can definitely help you with", he said smiling. All of a sudden the doors from the lounge to the Hall burst open and everyone looked over. Kaige furrowed his brow, curious as to what all that was about. Seeing Kari and Taizo beeline it there moments before kinda put him on edge. The idea of a fight made him nod his head to harmony and walk towards the lounge.


Kari gasped and picked up her dress to kinda scuttle to the lounge as fast as she could. Worried about Skye getting hurt in the mean time. Of course she knew that Skylar Shir could take care of herself. Trained by Arlania, Skye was like a fortress sometimes. But emotionally she was like pudding.

Kari glanced back as she exited the dining hall and to the lounge, looking at the parents who had taken notice as well. She walked in to see Helios land a punch square in Draco's jaw. She gasped.


Skye blushed as she saw Helio's expression. She could tell that he wanted to say something to her but couldnt. Her gaze fell to Tora, who was resting on the couch, poor girl. Suddenly Helio's snapped at Draco. She was dumbfounded, what was his problem, was it a secret place? Why was Draco not allowed there without permission.

She felt Draco pull her behind him and with wide eyes she tried to peer around him. All of a sudden he exploded, a blast of air brushing past them as he pulled Skye to the side of him. It knocked the Doors open. She didn't scream, not at all, but looked at Helios, almost frightened of her childhood friend.

Draco made a comment and Skye got confused. Then it happened, first Kari showed, only to watch Draco get punched right in the Jaw. Skye gasped, she flipped on her toe and spun around to the front of Draco and yelled, " Stop!!", barking at Helios. What was he doing, this is not the boy she once knew.

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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Thu Sep 26, 2013 6:48 pm

Harmony blinked as there was a blast of air. Taizo ran with and saw Helios punched Drago inthe fact. his face went to Helios, running up to Helios he grabbed the king by his arms putting him in an arm lock so he couldn't move his hands or head.

Draco stood tehre looking at him and as Taizo held Helios; his eyes went to Skye. Helios broke free and looked at Skye with a red face. Taizo grabbed Skye pulling her aside. Draco and Helios circled their main elements around them. Helios though circled water around him and Draco circled fire around him.
"I told you to..."
"You have to take care of Tora. Your kingdom. and I am allowed there. I don't need your permission Helios to take Lady Skye there." Draco spoke calmly.
Helios frowned at Draco. "You will not. You take her there I will throw you out."
Draco stared at Helios. "Your mother would be ashamed of how you are acting right now. I thought you were interested in Tora."
"She is my friend. and...don't talk about my mother like that. At least my mother is still around!!! you probably want something of skye! You have never showed any interest in a woman before!!!" Helios snapped, he realized what he had said. He stepped back and lowered his wind bending. He didn't mean to say it.
Draco looked at Skye. Looking down he lowered his fire hearing that. His mother died due to an illness. A sad look crossed his face, bowing his head to Skye and then to Helios. He stood up straight. He went to the training room down in the cellar using his fire bending.

Taizo glared at Helios. "Helios!!!! I know your king but that was a low blow!!"
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Thu Sep 26, 2013 6:59 pm

The room fell silent as Helios stood standing there and Draco disappeared. Skye looked at Helios, with almost a look of disappointment on her face, " Wha-" she couldnt even finish her sentence. She had no idea what to tell him. Finally she picked up the ends of her dress and walked up to Helios.

" I've waited ten years to see you again, ten years to see my only friend in the world." She looked down, as she was almost embarrassed of this situation. " What happened to you Helios?" She asked calmly, right before turning around to walk out. She looked back as she stood in the doorway, " This is twice today you had crushed my heart." She said simply, and then left down the hall to try and find Draco. He needed a friend and she was going to be there for him just as he was for her.


Kari shook her head and walked up to Helios, looking at Tora she simply stated out to him, " Hel, we are all close, we are all friends due to our parents being friends. Skye hasn't been home in a long time, she was excited to see you most of all. She wanted to come home and spill everything, about how she had not forgotten you, or the fact entirely that she loved you."

Kari glanced up at Helios, " But seeing Tora act like that with you, she is confused on how you feel. You hurt her, are you going to do it again?" She asked. She glanced at Tora, with almost an angered look. The words of Taizo still blossoming in her head about the stein girl and how thier family is. about how dangerous they could be.
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Thu Sep 26, 2013 7:12 pm

Taizo lowered his eyes as Tora woke up looking at everyone. Helios lowered his his head when Skye spoke to him, he had no idea he had even broken her heart. He didn't know that she loved him; but the way he saw it. She was more for Draco than him.

"Ya right Kari. She should have gone up and asked me, there is nothing going on between me and Tora. I didn't mean to say those things." Helios said sadly. Looking down at the ground he felt even worse. Seeing Skye with another man made him rather jealous and angry. Taizo stood in front of Kari. "And she seems more intrested in Draco than me. She believed everyone over me about not having a girlfriend. She believed the rumors, instead of asking me instead. I been trying to be near her all day, and yet everyone keeps taking her away. And now she and Draco....that Draco..." Helios frowned and stormed out of the room heading to his room to calm down.

Taizo looked at Kari as he stood in front of her. "sorry Helios is very touchy to the Skye subject." Taizo said sadly. Tora walked over and rubbed the back of her head.


Draco stood in the training room shooting fire at posts. Using his martial arts to train with his fire bending.
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Thu Sep 26, 2013 7:22 pm

She watched as Helios stalked off. Indeed he was very touchy to the subject. Kari placed her hand inside Taizo's, " Im just afraid this will seperate them forever..." She said softly.


Skye searched most of the palace, thinking of where he could have gone. But there was loud sounds, resounding through the halls. She followed them to the training room where Draco was, practicing against a dummy. She walked up slowly, not wanting to startle him or make him feel even worse. She wasn't sure how she felt about Draco. He was charming, and sweet, and defiantly handsome. But she had been in love with Helios for her entire life. She was just so confused on how he felt about Tora, and it was tearing her in two.

" Draco..." she said softly, " I don't want this to go on, The fighting between you two. I am going to confront Helios, and ask him about his feelings for Tora...." She sighed and looked at the floor. " I love him Draco, but if he any sort of " feelings" for her..." She stopped there, she didnt want to say anymore than that. She slipped the ribbon off of her wrist and looked at it. " Im sorry about your mother..."
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Thu Sep 26, 2013 7:32 pm

Taizo shook his head. "Helios loves Skye more than anything. Did you know it was actually him that asked his mother to bring her sister and her here to be his advisor. He begged his mother." Taizo said sadly.


Draco stopped when Skye spoke. He remained silent when he spoke, but her words made the situation worse. Telling him that she chose Helios over him, he remained calm and tried to keep a smile on his face. But it dropped when she took off the ribbon. Shaking his head. "Keep it." Draco said sadly. "But doesn't mean your words will help. I will continue fighting for your hand. And Helios and I will always come to blows for it I bet. But I won't give up on this feeling for you." Draco explained to her calmly. His face so straight forward as he turned shooting a fire blast at the dummy blasting it at the wall. He was sad inside and a bit heart broken to be chosen over a royal. "And anyone that insults a dead person right now, isn't worth my time. So I will fight for you."
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Thu Sep 26, 2013 7:41 pm

Skye remained quiet. Any other time she would have been thrilled to be fought over by these two men. But now, and how serious Helios had taken it. She felt like this was all her fault. She watched as he had blasted the dummy.

Skye walked up to him and gently laid her hands over his. They weren't as soft as any other girls, generally rough from her gloves and years of hand to hand combat. She looked at him with a kind and sweet gaze. Any girl would be absolutely lucky to have him as a husband, companion whatever.

She then quietly turned and walked out, not wanting to hurt anyone anymore. She went back up the stairs to find Helios. She walked up to Kari, " Have you seen Helios?" She said? Skye walked away as Kari shook her head. Glancing up at Taizo then a smirk on her face. Skye walked past the lounge and began to head up a flight of stairs. They led to an upper balcony, on the roof, which gave her a sight 10 times better than the one Draco pointed out. She felt a slight chill as the wind carried her hair softly.

Skye walked over and placed her hands on the railing, over looking the gardens below.
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Fri Sep 27, 2013 1:18 am

Draco stood there as she left, standing there he began to think. He wasn't going to lose to Helios, not a pretty girl like that. Plus she was sweet; a serious look sat on his face reliving in his mind the event of Helios insulting his dead mother. Putting his coat back on, Draco left the palace heading out into the streets having Tora follow him since she wanted fresh air.


Harmony looked at Kaige as she walked over to the hall getting a feeling that the party had ended. Her eyes turned to him and felt bad. She rubbed the back of her head. "Sorry...ummm I was wondering...would you like to train with water bending with me?" Her face wnet red.


Taizo left Kari and found Skye. The look on her face, he sighed and walked up to her. Standing there, his pink hair pulled back. "Sorry you had to see that princess. But both Draco and Helios have this rivalness to them at times. I think its best you let them both cool down, if you say something out of place. well one of them might go on the attack right now." Taizo explained.
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   Fri Sep 27, 2013 7:20 pm

Skye glanced as Taizo joined her up on the Roof, She turned back to look at the view while he talked. She kinda hung her head, she felt like this was all her fault. " I understand...I don't really know how to talk to people anymore. Being secluded from people you love and the world for ten years while your own sister turns you into a version of her is a bit hard to back away from." she said. Skye didn't hate her sister or regret her training, they were what kept her alive in the world so far, and she would keep it up.

Skye looked over at Taizo and smiled a bit, " I just want to be able to tell him that I love him, and am willing to get by this." she said. Looking down she spotted Draco and Tora leaving the Palace, she hated the fact that some people had to be broken hearted.


He grinned and took her hands softly, " Miss Harmony, I think that would be one hell of a fun time." He said. Kaige has not always been the most moment serious person, and he laughed. " We can start our first lesson tomorrow? " He asked nicely rubbing the back of his head with one hand.
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PostSubject: Re: " I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )   

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" I Will Forever be your Princess " || ( Closed )
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