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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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PostSubject: Rabten Norsang   Rabten Norsang I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 01, 2014 3:48 pm

Name: Rabten Norsang [RAB-ten] - the name "Rabten" is derived from Tibetan origin meaning, "Steadfast." The surname "Norsang" follows the aristocratic Tibetan tradition meaning "from the household of Nor.
Nickname(es)/Alias(es): Traditionally, Rabten uses aliases when venturing from place to place, as he'd rather not make a personal tie with his audience or be tracked. They're ordinarily variations of his names, varying from the following: Rabnor, Rabast, Norten, etc. He also has the tendency to reference to himself as a "rabbit," primarily when speaking of himself subconsciously.
Age: Twenty-nine
Birthplace: Somewhere within the Temple of the Southern Winds
Current Residence: Initially a rainforest beyond the northwestern desert within Dragon Island, he currently nomadic
Rank: Bender; Southern Winds noble through birth
Occupation: Bard, a traveling musician
Element: Air; Sand
Weapons: Rabten has the tendency to rely on his bending more than anything else, and overtime, when he has saw fit, he's simply created weaponry from sand. That's not to say he's incapable of wielding a sword or scythe, though, with the latter being his particular favorite.

Birthday: February 28th, 391 AO (After Ozai)
Blood type: O-
Hobbies: Producing music, running, sketching, reading, jumping, and observing.

    Rabten has a highly unorthodox form of swordplay, accompanied by a fighting style similar to modern day breaking after shear boredom on the island. He has ostensibly developed by himself a erratic technique that makes for unpredictable movements, taking pieces from all forms of martial arts and making up the rest as he goes, heavily relying on reflex and instinct when fighting his opponents. Be it in a simple street brawl or a battle for nations, he always "puts on a show worth watching."

    Rabten eats like a monstrosity. The epitome of a hearty eater, once his lips are opened, he practically unhinges his jaw at the first bite of food. Accepting meals from varying cultures, he indulges himself in a plethora of cuisine whenever he travels, able to eat a three-course-meal three times over at the farthest degree. It's supposedly natural given all the energy he uses when on the road.

    Rabten is skilled in the art of parkour. The notion didn't initially interest him, but the moment he saw his father partake in the activity once, he simply couldn't resist. It's much like a case of monkey see monkey do when it comes to this white-haired musician, but ever since he was a child, he was climbing whatever he possibly could after witnessing his father do the same, developing great strength as he continued this activity throughout the years. He's quite the exceptional climber, moving both swiftly and lithely, even for a man of his age.

Dorje Norsang - name derived from Tibetan origin meaning,
"Vajra, indestructible"; Father - Deceased. (Air Bender)

Rabten's relationship with his father was strictly professional for a lack of a better word, if not strained, despite the boy's effort at obtaining the warmth a tangible relationship should bring. He was the epitome of the stereotypical, young boy that looked up to his parent, as he attempted to do everything just like he did, and nothing less, all done in an endeavor to please Dorje. However, his father was man of stern upbringing, therefore believing his child should endure the same, especially after Ullondorian Crusade. No mercy was displayed, no affection was displayed, and no signs of tolerance was displayed. Rabten was essentially treated as though he was a stranger in his own home by the man because of his trauma, and inevitably gave up picking at the frigid barrier his father created between them, going along with the solemn demeanor in his presence out of respect.
Tseten Norsang - name derived from Tibetan origin meaning,
"Stable life"; Mother - Deceased. (Air Bender)

Unlike with his father, Rabten's relationship with his mother was on fairly ordinary terms in means of the Norsang family. Caring for the woman deeply, whom returned his affection, he obeyed her every request without question, as he was raised to per command by Dorje. Unlike the elder Norsang, he referred to his mother just as that, "mother," rather than by the first name referencing he had done with his father. He blatantly became embedded with a refine and respectful persona around women because of how he cherished his mother, believing her to be fragile in comparison to the iron hand of his father. Out of the two twins, if anyone was effected by her death, it was by far Rabten the most. While he saw both of his parents as his family, his attachment was closer to his mother, by far.
Tinley Norsang - name derived from Tibetan origin meaning,
"Enlightened activity"; Twin Brother. ([Unknown Element] Bender)

Not much is known about Tinley aside from the fact that Rabten never mentions him in the journal he has kept since growing up. His twin brother, older by two minutes, was considered a shadow to him, rarely ever speaking unless spoken to and often with a dispassionate expression. Needless to say, their relationship is nonexistent, as though he hadn't a brother at all. The reasoning is inexplicable, and one Rabten chooses not to dwell on.
Character Theme: (A theme song you think best matches your character)

Hair: Rabten has pure blonde hair that feathers down to just below the base of back, layered in its structure. A large portion of the back falls straight down, while the remainder of his locks, which care kept in relatively good condition despite his travels, are tousled ends. As for the front, his fringe is divided in the side and layered downwards a few millimeters passed his eyes, sometimes kept too length. While that covers majority of his seemingly voluptuous mane, the rest of his strains are scattered throughout the way they please, as though they had a mind of their own.
Eyes: Somewhat narrow, his eyes are an unique mix of emerald and gold - the latter being only flecks around his pupil. They are typically focused and are naturally quite bright. Despite his circumstances, they have refrained from glazing over into a much more hollow and faded hue. One is covered with an eyepatch for a reason untold.
Height: Rabten's stature has developed to a steady 185 cm (6'1").
Clothes: Simplicity is where Rabten shows a fondness. He essentially keeps to beige color schemes, rarely ever making variations in his attires, although there are moments when an worn, olive cloak, tattered at the hems, makes the cut. Otherwise, as for specifics, he's typically seen donning a white blouse with slits through either side, with a thick and wide embroidered yellow coat. Accessory-wise, a metal shackle braces his right wrist, and for footwear, leather sandals that lace up to his ankles are kept. Headbands are also a habit of his, differing from bandannas. He also dons a black eyepatch over his right eye.
Skin: Majority of Rabten's tanned body is smooth with the exception of a few areas. Beginning with his palms, they are torn, callused, and scarred from climbing jagged edges of mountains, rough gravel, coarse stone -- the list goes on and on. Considering this information, his knees have quite the array of nicks and cuts from the occasional mishap, and his feet are as rugged as a cactus. In regards to the last blemish on his casting, a burn is scorched onto his lower abdomen trailing up until half-way to his rib, depicting a snake that is often confused for a dragon.
Body Type: Rabten always held strength in his arms, blatant from his disproportional hip-to-shoulder ratio since a young age, but it wasn't until he began partaking in acrobatics and parkour did he begin to see his abilities expand. Having a muscular torso, abs seen along with his toned arms, the white-haired performer also has a great deal of muscle in his back and thighs from his excessive movement, be it parkour or simply running throughout the nations.




Personality: Rabten is one of the most laid-back people you'll meet in your lifetime, as well as a particularly open individual on the outside, rather humerus and juvenile. He's the type of person whom will spark up a conversation with simply anyone -- whether you're the vendor on the street or a homeless child yearning for a meal, he'll take an interest in you out of a "kindness." Having the tendency to portray himself as the ordinary friendly, naive soul with a mischievous sense of humor, he's actually quite the opposite at his core. The smile seemingly always on his graceful countenance and "personality traits" that are typically displayed are nothing but a facade due to his uncompromising upbringing.

At a young age, his father taught Rabten to strongly discourage and, in some cases, even forbid him from making personal attachments with the exception of certain family members. The elder Norsang saw such investments trivial to humanity, believing a man is nothing if he cannot stand for himself at the end of the day as no one could be trusted. He was taught that eventually you are on your own, and that is all you will ever be -- no one will come to your aid, and so, reservation and manipulation had to be learn in your favor. He was expected to be able to move on without showing an outward reaction, with harsh examples shown to him that strained him both physically and emotionally.

Ultimately, Rabten puts on his charade to play up his crowd he will eventually toss away once their service is no longer required -- that is, providing he stays strong to his strict convictions, predominately the manipulative aspect, as he has been on the fence with his morals. He proceeds to assume a fake persona as well as for his mother's namesake, whom was against the notion entirely, but it's proven to come more naturally to him as time progressed. Old habits die hard, and such engravings in his skin are difficult to scrape away once the afternoon has come to an end, but they are starting to become more worn with each encounter that causes a weird sensation in his chest -- the want for them to stay, despite the inevitable outcome.

In short, he's a very intelligent and insightful individual, with the exception when it comes to himself. He isn't necessarily sure in regards to his ethics -- if he's a walking hypocrisy or not, as though he isn't sure what his true identity is anymore. The lines between being genuine or not have been starting to blur after so many years of playing such a game alone.

Personal Strengths:

    His prowess
    His intelligence
    His approachable demeanor
    His ability to manipulate/persuade
    His bending ability

Personal Weaknesses:

    His conflicted ethics
    His inability to trust
    His detachment to humanity
    His inability to concentrate
    His talkative mouth

Hamartia: Rabten's fatal flaw is himself. He's a conflicted soul; he hasn't a clue where he's going or what he's doing with his life. His morals are shrewd and distorted, without a proper sense of direction due to the lack of a proper upbringing. Ultimately, he'd be his own downfall, holding multiple attributes unlike that of a hero.
Personal Hero: Undecided.
Dreams and Ambitions: Rabten yearns to exactly those. He hasn't a clue as to what his dreams or ambitions in are -- he feels as though he's merely a speck of dust floating to survive. Perhaps, that's why he keeps running.

    Food, particularly sweets
    Being alone, despite taking a liking to the people subconsciously
    Whenever he proves he is right
    Corny jokes that are too poor to be spoken
    Running when he's on the brink of collapsing


    Wrongful slaughter of animals;although excepting when it comes to food
    When he is unable to tell others what he is thinking
    Confusion; perplexity specifically in his own life
    When life is neither black or white
    When stains are speckled onto his "pristine" clothing

Brief History:

Dorje Norsang, his father, had enlisted in the army after marriage with Tsuten, Rabten's mother, feeling as though it was his duty as a citizen of the nation; he felt as though it was an obligation to provide his aid against any that threaten to disturb the peace. It didn't help that he had come from a line of men involved in war. There, he worked up the ranks and achieved specialist status, serving the army as one of their finest marksman. He was tactical in battle -- he was counter-intuitive and equipped a unique fighting style that was admired by those within his ranks. However, due to poor execution in his squadron, he watched his crew be mercilessly slaughtered during their trek to new worlds. Dorje was the only survivor of his division, and promptly sent back home for recovery, where he discovered his twins had been born during his leave.

Because of his specific case of PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that had developed after his duration of activity, Dorje Norsang unintentionally was unfit to be the "stereotypical father." He presented a complete and utter frigid atmosphere around both Rabten and Tinley, the latter of whom he completely disregarded altogether, despite being his blood, due to the fact he saw the child as weak and feeble -- a child whom would never survive the wrath of the enemy. He saw Tinley, Rabten's twin whom was older by two minutes, unfit to have even been born due to the fact he merely served the purpose as his younger brother's shadow, as though he hadn't the voice nor the physical prowess. Because of this, he neglected his eldest son and threw his focus onto Rabten, emphasizing the importance of being able to hold your own ground and discouraging the belief of faith in humanity. Their relationship became strictly professional.

Homeschooling Rabten in order to prevent "outside beliefs," Dorje's efforts were in vain when Rabten made friends with the children within the Temple of the Southern Winds. His father was unable to stop his threat-analysis, inspecting everyone and anyone, and eventually concluded that they could no be trusted, despite them being their neighbors since Dorje's marriage with Tsuten. Because of this, the elder Norsang's lack of ability to cope with society, he decided to pursue his wife's career as a scholar and expeditionist. The latter having been a dream cut short due to the birth of her children, Tsuten told Dorje of her yearn to examine the outskirt islands of the Vermillion Dragon Empire for documentation -- it was a place she had only dreamed of visiting after seeing pictures and hearing legends. On whim, he packed up their belongings and moved his family to what is known as "Dragon Island." It was almost the ideal place, having heard word that no human wanted to set foot on such a location. It woud've have been perfect if it weren't for the dragons.

Venturing to the island of mystery and magic when he was nine-years-old, Rabten and his family made home in a rainforest of the island, nestled just beyond a northwestern desert, surprised by its variations in exotic biomes. There, detached from humanity and surrounded by the unknown, the younger Norsang lived a life as though it was a normality, which it was for him. He would eat, he would sleep, and he would converse with only himself due to the fact his brother acted as though he was a shell of a human being, and his parents would be out documenting and unraveling the island's secrets with the aid of the sporadic dragon they encountered. Rabten's father placed him under strict house arrested whenever they departed, weary of his son being alone, and so that's was his life -- simply at home. He couldn't be adventurous, he couldn't be curious, and he would ultimately always be alone.

Rabten's parents died two years after their settlement on the island, leaving his twin and him to wait two weeks, the standard, for the lack of their arrival home. Naturally, he assumed a voice, attempting to tell his brother that they were on their own, like their father had always said, and would have to fend for themselves in the wild of an dragon-inhabited island. However, his older twin wouldn't listen, as though he was trapped within a silence daze. Granted, he never did, but Rabten had assumed the eleven-year-old would have at least been responsive in regards to the news. Because of this, he hadn't a clue as to what to do -- unsure whether they should leave or if they should stay, if they should wait or if they should go on living. Ultimately, Rabten chose to stay and help his brother, if anything, survive.

As he grew, Rabten slowly began venturing out of their makeshift home that was being worn due to weather and animal invasion. It was a rough process considering he had rarely ever stepped beyond the cabin's doors, but one that had to be done in order to live. He began scavenging fruits and the sporadic vegetable when he was twelve, and began farming when he was thirteen, cutting down the weaker trees and plowing a weak excuse for a field by himself. He would plant and harvest, receiving minimal results, but proceeded to do so until he began hunting at he age of fourteen. During that time, he often wondered if his brother had a condition that was never diagnosed like their father's. Perhaps, he was a mute or suffered from some sort of paralysis. While it was undoubtedly frustrating, of course, there was nothing a preteen could do. He could only assume the persona his father had wanted him to all along -- one of a survivor.

After six years of living in the tropical wilderness of Dragon Island with only each other as company, when they were seventeen, Rabten wanted to leave. Spending the summer building a boat, he told his twin they could get a better life -- one that would be easier if they were to find a city. Surprisingly enough, Tinley's, his older twin's, lack of a response was one of the biggest answers he had ever received. His parents death weren't enough to prove to him he would be alone for the rest of his life. Not even the numerous years of practically living with a hollow human being managed to show him they had would have no one at the end of the afternoon. But, upon receiving no words when it came to his proposal to leave, he knew his doubt was finally settled -- he had no one, nor would he ever. Because of this belief, once his boat was finished, Rabten simply left his brother on Dragon Island and embarked on a journey for land beyond the surrounding waters.

Alone, seeming to simply drift throughout the sea, Rabten began carving sporadic objects out of the leftover wood that would have been his brother's seat. The ocean was encumbering for him -- he felt suffocated by the endless amount blue and the lack of an ambience it provided for him. Used to the rustling and bustle of forests and deserts, he wanted to hear something. Be it the knock of a fire ferret, or the vociferous yet distant roar of the dragons in the evening, he wanted anything except the silence. With the spare lumber, he unknowingly carved a straight-edge guitar. Finding the resemblance uncanny to things he vaguely remembered from his childhood, he made string from the bark of his small vessel and produce a makeshift guitar, ridding himself of the ocean's serenity.

Docking at a small settlement on the outskirts of the Vermillion City four weeks later, Rabten had been playing an awkward tune of his "guitar" when a fisherman "had enough of the racket." Noticing how the seventeen-year-old was alone, out of curiosity, the fisherman interrogated him and he openly told the man of his story. After a pause, the fisherman took him to a nearby inn where he showed him "what real music sounds like." Ever since then, he felt as though that was something he wanted to do -- he wanted to create a similar, if not better melody.

The fisherman purchased him a proper guitar and sent Rabten on his way to Vermillion City, observing how the boy seemed to do well in society despite his lack of association with it. He had known of the culture, well informed of traditions, history, and currency thanks to the education on his late mother's part. The fisherman felt as though he could fend for himself, though still a bit skeptic of his tale. No matter, that was how Rabten became a musician, beginning to manipulate people with a pleasant demeanor in order to gain more out of his own life. He learned the tricks of the trade with ease upon making his way to the slums of the volcanic civilization, charming his way into food, money, and comfort. It was an easy life -- using people was far more easy than manual labor, and so it was something he continued for the rest of his years, becoming a traveling musician.

Presently, Rabten nomadic, hardly ever stays at a town for more than two days. While he knows how to live off of the land, manipulation has proven to be more in his favor at a quicker rate. However, he's been starting to question his ethics -- his purpose, more so, and whether or not he's going against his "true identity." For over ten years he had merely been wandering, never settling down and never trusting any face of a human. He's beginning to wonder why, how, and what to continue doing -- if he's going to live an empty life for the rest of his days. Funny, you would have thought twenty-nine years on this earth would have gotten somewhere, but he feels as though he's stuck at the beginning.

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You done been 'proved, sucka'.

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Re-claimed, and edited. Bumping for approval!

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