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737 years after the fall of Ozai, and the world is once again on the brink of collapse. Sudden, random rebellions supported by unknown parties have sprung up across all nations. With the next Avatar undiscovered, the world's hope begins to crumble.
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 The Dawn Crusade Information

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PostSubject: The Dawn Crusade Information   Sat Apr 09, 2016 2:50 pm

Now that the Kingdoms of the world have fallen to the enemy, the Order of the Seven Thorns, the heirs to the kingdoms have teamed up with the Spirit King's subjects, the Spirit Benders, as well as one of the Spirit King's two strongest forces, the Holy Paladins of Light to create the Dawn Crusade.

The Dawn Crusade is led by a Grand Master and assist the Avatar and the Warriors in their fight against darkness.  When the Avatar cannot be everywhere, or when the world is between Avatars and/or Warriors, the Dawn Crusades helps keep peace.  They take orders only from the Warriors and Avatar, and when there are no Avatars or Warriors active, they take orders from the Secondary High Council, the Order of the Elements and the Spirit King.

The Dawn Crusade "fight so that there will always be a dawn tomorrow."  They are divided into six sub-divisions, the Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Pearl, Alabaster and Obsidian Crusade, who each guard a different nation.  Each Crusade is led by a General and their second in command, the Lord Commander.

The Dawn Crusade, being made up mostly of Paladins, are blessed with the Holy Light of the gods granted to them by the Spirit King.  Most Paladin's are also Spirit Benders, and have their powers that allow them to commune, control and fuse with the spirits to complete their missions and fight for he dawn.  Each Paladin chooses a different god of the pantheon to champion and draw their power, the Holy Light, from.  Each god bestows a different power upon their champions.

The Dawn Crusade is also known for hosting a tournament, held towards the end of summer that will determine who may join their ranks.  No more than one will be chosen per year.  So stay tuned for The Light of Dawn Tournament!

Here are a list of positions held by users within the Dawn Crusade, followed by a list of powers granted by each of the gods upon their champions.

Leadership of the Dawn Crusade

Grand Master of the Dawn Crusade
Character: Wesley Sin'dorei
Champion Of: Tans, God of Music
User: Bailey the Flamewarden

Generals of the Dawn Crusade
General of the Emerald Crusade
Character: None
Champion Of: N/A
User: Open

General of the Ruby Crusade
Character: Malfurion Fal'moria
Champion Of: Cutae, God of Earth
User: Plays With Squirrels

General of the Sapphire Crusade
Character: N/A
Champion Of: N/A
User: Tenka Musou Wolfie

General of the Pearl Crusade
Character: Open
Champion Of: N/A
User: Open

General of the Alabaster Crusade
Character: Open
Champion Of: N/A
User: Open

]General of the Obsidian Crusade
Character: Open
Champion Of: N/A
User: Open

Lord Commanders of the Dawn Crusade
Lord Commander of the Emerald Crusade
Character: None
Champion Of: N/A
User: Open

Lord Commander of the Ruby Crusade
Character: Open
Champion Of: N/A
User: Open

Lord Commander of the Sapphire Crusade
Character: Keth Kalasar
Champion Of: Sceter
User: Plays With Squirrels

Lord Commander of the Pearl Crusade
Character: Open
Champion Of: N/A
User: Open

Lord Commander of the Alabaster Crusade
Character: Open
Champion Of: N/A
User: Open

]Lord Commander of the Obsidian Crusade
Character: Open
Champion Of: N/A
User: Open

Powers of the Gods

Universal Powers
- Ability to see the spiritual energy of all living things at any times.  Can "see" without "seeing."
- Can commune with spirits and call them to help you in battle
- Can fuse with spirits temporarily
- Can enter the Spirit World at will
- Able to teleport using Spirit Portals that

The Gods and Goddesses

Deity Name: Kanatta
Gender: Male
Represents: Life
Patron God To: Healers, Mothers, Pregnant Women, Midwives
Weapons: Yada-no-Yari (Temporarily)
Pets: None
Residence: The Heavens
Champion Gift: The power to heal anyone in an instant, but it does not cure fatal illness.  Erect protective shields and bubbles around your allies and yourself.

Deity Name: Takamagahara
Gender: Female
Represents: Sands and Deserts
Patron God To: Sandbenders
Weapons: Two Daggers
Pets: None
Residence: The Si Wong Desert
Champion Gift: The ability to control and create sandstorms, as well as turn yourself, part or all, to sand.  Can control Sand Spirits with great proficiency.  Can transform into creatures of the desert.

Deity Name: F'yr
Gender: Male
Represents: Fire and the Sun
Patron God To: Fire Lords, Firebenders, Vermilion Emperors, The Vermilion Dragon Empire, Fire Sages
Weapons: A Flaming Whip
Pets: Twin Dragons, Ko and Ra
Residence: The Sun
Champion Gift: Can control Fire and Lava Spirits with increased aptitude, and channel flames through your weapons.  Can cover your body in flames or lava for extra protection against enemies.  Able to control lava as well.  Flames, lava and heat do not bother or burn you.  Able to transform into creatures of the flame.

Deity Name: Adeza
Gender: Female
Represents: Air and the Wind
Patron God To: Airbenders, Air Nomads, Air Monks, Air Kingdom, Air King, Airmen
Weapons: Twin Chakrams
Pets: A Sky Bison named Teishin
Residence: Travels the Winds
Champion Gift: Can grow wings and fly through the skies.  Able to command Wind and Thunder Spirits with great proficiency and can channel wind through your weapons.  Can breath at high altitudes.  Able to transform into creatures of the sky.  Can turn your body to air at will.

Deity Name: Cutae
Gender: Male
Represents: The Earth and Earth
Patron God To: Earthbenders, Earth Kingdom, Earth King, Earth Sages
Weapons: A Hammer
Pets: A Badgermole named Taijin
Residence: The Mountains of the Earth Kingdom
Champion Gift: Can control earth and Plant Spirits with increased aptitude and skill, and can channel Earth through your weapons.  Able to turn your top layer of skin as hard as any steel or any stone, making it impervious to damage.  Able to camouflage with the earth.  Able to transform into creatures of the earth.

Deity Name: Ilyd
Gender: Female
Represents: Water and the Ocean
Patron God To: Waterbenders, The Water Tribes [North and South], The Foggy Swamp Tribe, Sailors, Seamen, Fishermen, Pirates
Weapons: Throwing Knives
Pets: Twin Koi Fish, Tui and La
Residence: The Deepest Oceans
Champion Gift: Cold does not bother you or affect you.  Able to command Water and Ice Spirits with great proficiency.  Can breath underwater as a human or transform into creatures of the sea.  Can channel water and ice through your weapons.  Can turn your whole or parts of your body to liquid at will.

Deity Name: Cae
Gender: Male
Represents: Harvest, Feasts and Food
Patron God To: Farmers, The Poor, Beggars
Weapons: Scythe and Hoe
Pets: None
Residence: Travels the Nations
Champion Gift: Can cause plant life to grow at will.  Able to command Tree and Plant Spirits and channel plant life through your weapons.  Can transform into a Tree Being or Plant Being.  Able to commune with the plants and flora of the land.

Deity Name: Sceter
Gender: Male
Represents: War, Battles, Soldiers, Victory and Armies
Patron God To: Soldiers, Warriors
Weapons: A Battle Axe
Pets: None
Residence: Battlefields
Champion Gift: Proficiency with all weapons and armour come at the first touch.  Can transform your blood into weapons of your choice by opening a wound and drawing forth the iron in your blood.  Your skin is hard and tougher than most, and can defend better against most attacks.

Deity Name: Laedaela
Gender: Female
Represents: The Hunt, Competition and Hunting
Patron God To: Hunters, Athletes and Competitors
Weapons: Bow, Arrows and a Hunting Horn
Pets: Two Hunting Wolves
Residence: The Forests of the World
Champion Gift: Can commune with the animals of the land and command Animals and Animal Spirits.  Able to tame any animal or Spirit Animal.  Can transform into any animal or spirit animal.  Shots taken with a bow and arrow rarely ever miss.

Deity Name: Elounli
Gender: Female
Represents: Love and Emotions
Patron God To: Lovers, Families, Siblings, Friends, Parents, Children and All Those Who Know Love
Weapons: None
Pets: None
Residence: The Clouds
Champion Gift: Can control the emotions of those you meet or battle against.  Can make them feel enraged, or happy, or kind, provided you are able to break through the defenses in their mind.  While you can control their emotions, you cannot control their actions.  Able to tell what others are feeling.

Deity Name: Tans
Gender: Male
Represents: Music
Patron God To: Musicians and Performers
Weapons: None
Pets: None
Residence: Music and Noise Itself
Champion Gift: Able to play any instruments.  Makes use of an instrument to be able to sooth or tame any creature, spirit or animal you come across.  Can put anyone to sleep with your music at your will.

Deity Name: Aelouanath
Gender: Female
Represents: Marriage and Union
Patron God To: Married Couples, Friends, Allies
Weapons: None
Pets: None
Residence: Temples
Champion Gift: Able to make allies instantly with anyone.  Allies will remain loyal to you at all times.  Allies can include any beast, spirit, or human.

Deity Name: Kaleck
Gender: Male
Represents: Knowledge
Patron God To: Scholars, Teachers, Students and Archivers
Weapons: None
Pets: None
Residence: The Archive of the Gods [Located in an Alternate World]
Champion Gift: Gain knowledge of all you touch.  You are able to learn all the knowledge about someone, or something, at first touch. You can learn a person's (or spirit's) name, history, age, and much more after the first touch.  Works on trees, plant life, landscapes or even buildings.  Able to visualize that history within their heads and see first hand what their subjects have seen.

Deity Name: Ryz
Gender: Female
Represents: Light
Patron God To: Lightbenders
Weapons: A Mirror Shield
Pets: None
Residence: Within All Light
Champion Gift: Able to light any area as if the light of the sun shone nearby.  No form of light blinds you.  Able to command Light Spirits and channel light through your weapons.  Can release bursts of sunlight that blind your enemies, and can cover your body in the reflective light.  Can blast beams of focused laser light at enemies from your shield.

Deity Name: Mar
Gender: Male
Represents: Dark, Shadows and Darkness
Patron God To: Darkbenders
Weapons: A Hammer
Pets: None
Residence: Within All Shadows
Champion Gift: Can command Dark Spirits and channel Dark through your weapons with proficiency.  Able to disappear and meld with shadows in an ability known as Shadow Meld.  Can teleport between shadows using an advanced, perfected form of Shadow Stepping that can be used at any time of the day or night.  Able to extinguish all light within an area to sneak up on your enemies.

Deity Name: Ghoa
Gender: Male
Represents: Thievery
Patron God To: Thieves, Mercenaries, Pirates and Bounty Hunters
Weapons: Two Knives
Pets: None
Residence: Thravaen'ir [An Alternate World Ruled by Ghoa]
Champion Gift: Able to go invisible for reconnaissance or to steal important items from your enemies.  Often, many of your actions go unnoticed and you are able to walk through crowded streets or other areas without people realizing you are their.  Your steps are silent and you make no noise.  You leave no trace; foot prints or marks on your environment.
Elemental Spirits

Sand Spirits:

Fire Spirits:

Lava Spirits:

Air Spirits:

Lightning Spirits:

Earth Spirits:

Plant Spirits:

Tree Spirits:

Water Spirits:

Ice Spirits:

Light Spirits:

Dark Spirits:


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The Dawn Crusade Information
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