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737 years after the fall of Ozai, and the world is once again on the brink of collapse. Sudden, random rebellions supported by unknown parties have sprung up across all nations. With the next Avatar undiscovered, the world's hope begins to crumble.
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 Keth Kalasar | Champion of F'yr | Crusader | Member of the Sapphire Crusade

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PostSubject: Keth Kalasar | Champion of F'yr | Crusader | Member of the Sapphire Crusade   Sat Apr 16, 2016 2:47 pm

Name: Keth Kalasar
Age: 52
Birthplace: Rural Imperial Mainland
Current Residence: Spirit King's Palace, Shadow Lands
Rank: Bender
Occupation: Holy Paladin of Light, Lord Commander of the Sapphire Crusade
Element: Spirit
Champion Of: Sceter, God of War


Name: Mala-nor'é
Age: 34


Mala-nor'é is a typical Spirit Moose.  Long of life, long of horn, and incredibly defensive of those it loves and cares about.  Known for its herd mentality, Mala-nor'é treats Keth and his friends and other squad mates as part of its herd, and will stop at nothing to defend them, going as far as to take harm to protect others.

Aside from this, Mala-nor'é has deep love of carrots, to the point of addiction, as well as pretty much other food.  Mala-nor'é's love of food often leads his gluttonish self to get in trouble in his pursuit of the next meal.

Brief History:
Mala-nor'é was raised by the Paladins and Spirit Benders living in the Shadow Lands.  Mala-nor'é was raised specifically to become a mount for a member of the Holy Paladins, even before they were the Dawn Crusade.  Mala-nor'é was fully grown after a year, but was not granted to a Paladin until Keth Kalasar became a Paladin.  The two have been partners for 32 years since they've been paired.

Name: Great Honour


Brief History:
Forged by Trace Nightshadow of Nigthshadow Rhodium and made of pure Spiritum Steel. The shield can deflect elemental, chi and spiritual energy; it is also able to store the energy and blast it back at the opponent as Spiritum Steel is a conductor of chi.

Name: Sacred Duty


Brief History:
Blessed by the Holy Light, forged by Nightshadow Rhodium, and used by Keth Kalasar, Sacred Duty is forged of pure Spiritum Steel like the matching shield, Great Honour. It can channel not only the Holy Light Paladins are known for, but elemental energy from bending chi as well.

Keth Kalasar's hair is long, and white--the colour of freshly driven snow.  It is often kept flowing about his shoulders, with some tied up in a high pony-tail, reminiscent of the ancient Fire Nation/Imperial hairstyle.

Eyes: Amber
Height: 6'1"
Keth Kalasar typically wears Spiritum Steel reinforced armour, meant to channel his Spiritual Energy and Chi in order to better Spirit Bend while exerting less effort.  Kalasar's armour is red, and is adored with several decorative ruby embellishments, gold embossing and filigree and a crimson cape.

Skin: Light cream coloured and taught.
Body Type: Slim and well muscled from years of training as a Paladin.

Keth Kalasar on the Battlefield:

Keth Kalasar:

Keth has become a Lord Commander of the Sapphire Crusade balancing a fierce love for his people and Order together with the weight of his peoples' burdens; though his responsibilities were not always so heavy. Years before his command, Keth was a patriotic and passionate Paladin, with a talent for both battle and strategy.  Keth took pride in his role as a Paladin and a warden of the Holy Light, which the traitor Dar'Khan Drathir exploited for his own gain.  

Keth holds guilt for his inability to see through Dar'Khan's betrayal, and his early years as Lord Commander were marked by several hard decisions and many difficult battles to bring his Order back from the brink.  Kalasar was hit hard by the betrayal of former General Kael'thas of the Sapphire Crusade, with the future of the Sapphire Crusade falling into his hands alone--until Kael'thas was replaced by his successor. This experience has led him to oppose tyranny and injustice wherever he finds it, always putting the good of his Order and the people of the world first.

As the Lord Commander of the Sapphire Crusade, Keth Kalasar has become highly versed in the world of politics, able to quickly deduce hidden meanings and often see through the masks of those within (and out of) his sphere of influence.  Though authoritative (and not afraid to exert that authority), Keth Kalasar values the opinions of his higher-ups, in matters of duty and beyond.  The life of a politician is not something Keth ever craved; however, ever the Paladin at heart, Kalasar enjoys a good fight, longs for his lost life as a Field Paladin, and finds politics exhausting.

Keth places the safety of the Six Nations and its people high above all else. Keth's loyalty to them and the Paladins is clear in this regard: he will not suffer allies who would harm others, and will not shy from negotiating with his enemies or plotting rebellion to secure the world a future.

Though the burdens of sub-leadership have weighed heavily on Keth's shoulders in the wake of General Kael'thas' betrayal, under his leadership the Sapphire Crusade has survived many of its darkest days until a new General was appointed. He has resolved to see his Paladins overcome their struggles, and lead them into a prosperous future.

Keth doesn't have a family, nor does he want to start one any time soon.  Regardless, he is implied to be romantically interested in Lady Liadrin, General of the Emerald Crusade, with whom he has shared several close moments.  Liadrin in turn has amorous feelings toward the Lord Commander.  

He considers Halduron Tem'lora his closest and most trusted friend, and is on far better terms with him than he was before their General's betrayal.  Lor'themar is more than capable of playing the part of the statesman, unnerving others with how well he controls his thoughts and masks his meanings.  When Keth is not playing politics, he is shown to be passionate, outspoken, and possessing of a dry wit.

Personal Strengths:
- Versed in Politics
- Loyal
- Witty
- Collected
- Dutiful

Personal Weaknesses:
- Machiavellian Outlook
- Utilitarian Beliefs
- Willingness to Rebel in the Name of Peace

His willingness to do whatever it takes to protect people and his Order can often lead him to clash with the Grand Master and some Generals; as well as other members of the Crusade.

Personal Hero: None
Dreams and Ambitions:
To live a happy life, with little trouble, and many good memories.

- The Dawn Crusade
- The Paladins
- Peace
- Lady Liadrin

- Murderers
- Traitors
- Liars
- Deceivers

Brief History:
Keth Kalasar was born in the year 695 AO in the Shadow Lands.  He was born to Spirit Benders who were one of the first waves of Spirit Benders to flee to the Shadow Lands and the Spirit King as the Elemental Kingdom slowly started to decline.  Keth's childhood was seemingly normal, though he always spent time playing with local children, using sticks and trash can lids as swords and shields to play heroes.

One of his closest childhood friends was Dar'Khan Drathir.  The two would grow up together and eventually join the Spirit King's Holy Paladins together, entering into a friendly rivalry which Dar'Khan often won.  They were both 17.

The Holy Paladins, including Keth and Dar'Khan fought in the Ullondorian Crusades, starting in the year 707 AO at the age of 22.  During this war, the Paladins were divided up into a similar manner as the Dawn Crusade is now, assisting each of the nations depending on their division colour.  Kalasar and Dar'Khan joined the Sapphire Crusade and distinguished themselves several times in the battles to come.

Dar'Khan was eventually promoted by General Kael'thas, who led the Sapphire Crusade and became Lord Commander, picked over Keth for his greater ability to lead.  At least that was the official reason, little did the Paladins and Keth know, Dar'Khan and Kael'thas were both planning on betraying the Paladins for the Ullondorian Magicians, spilling their great secrets about the Holy Light and in turn gaining the powers of the Ullondorians for themselves.

When the betrayal came to light, it became a great shock for the Paladins and the Spirit King who led them.  Many became demoralized and the Sapphire Crusade nearly crumbled.  Worse yet, was that Dar'Khan, Keth's childhood friend, had used him and manipulated his ways in order to take the blame off himself and Kael'thas, as well as aid their flight to the Ullondorians in Meech.

Angered by this, and vowing justice and revenge, Keth took control of the Sapphire Crusade and led them on a solo-mission to hunt down and kill General Kael'thas and Lord Commander Dar'Khan.  The trek was arduous, the battle was long, and it went without the blessing of the Spirit King or any other General or Military Leader, and led to the deaths of many civilians of Ullondor and Paladins of the Holy Light, but eventually Dar'Khan and Kael'thas were brought to justice.

Originally facing scrutiny for his actions, Keth was soon rewarded for his loyalty, and granted command of the Sapphire Crusade.  Keth refused the title of General, not wanting the responsibility of the Crusade's future and leadership, nor the tainted title of Kael'thas upon his shoulders, and was instead granted Lord Commander of the Sapphire Crusade.

The Crusades continued until 722 AO, when after 15 years of senseless warring and many battles, Owlan and the other royals decided to use the Genesis Cannon to destroy Ullondor and all of its people for good, as the war drew closer to stalemate with each battle.  During that time, the Paladins, the Sapphire Crusade and Keth Kalasar himself had earned themselves a place of prominence and respect among the armies of the Six Nations.  Keth even lost an eye during one of his campaigns, over which he now wears a black leather eye patch.

After returning to the Six Nations, the war behind them, Keth kept the position of Lord Commander and a new General was appointed.  Keth's adeptness as politics, double meanings and word play, as well as his devotion to peace, his people and his order has earned him great respect from his superiors and followers.  Keth commands much respect as a War Hero and a Savior of the Paladins within not only the Sapphire Crusade but the Holy Paladins in general.

This unnerves his General often, but his usefulness and sincerity and lack of ambition for a higher position hushes all suspicion.  Keth serves his General with honour, respect and reverence, and though they do not always agree on a course of action, or see matters in the same way, they work well together with effectiveness and efficiency.

During the war, Keth made one of the most significant connections of his life.  He and Lady Liadrin, once a noble of the Elemental Kingdom, slowly became entangled in a web of love.  Though they keep their romance secret, those who know them best can figure out the truth.  Liadrin is the General of the Emerald Crusade, and is perhaps one of the select few commanders of the Paladins that has earned more respect than Keth himself.

They continue their trists even today, though in even greater secrecy, as idle eyes not used to peace tend to keep their gazes in places they are not welcome.

In the 15 years since the war, Kalasar has continued the serve the Paladins.  In recent years, he has once more been called upon to serve the Sapphire Crusade as the Order of the Holy Paladins of Light have been converted into the Dawn Crusade.  They fight so there will always be a dawn tomorrow.  Serving the Avatar, the Warriors and the Spirit King, the Dawn Crusade is prepared to fight back against the Order of the Seven Thorns and take back the world for all people who live within it, Keth Kalasar included.


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PostSubject: Re: Keth Kalasar | Champion of F'yr | Crusader | Member of the Sapphire Crusade   Tue May 03, 2016 11:38 am

Approval bump!


Me when I'm mad

Me when I'm really mad

Me when I'm in a good mood

How I learned to cook:

(This one's even funnier with captions)
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PostSubject: Re: Keth Kalasar | Champion of F'yr | Crusader | Member of the Sapphire Crusade   Tue May 03, 2016 5:57 pm

Approved! And that's such a sad story...

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PostSubject: Re: Keth Kalasar | Champion of F'yr | Crusader | Member of the Sapphire Crusade   

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Keth Kalasar | Champion of F'yr | Crusader | Member of the Sapphire Crusade
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