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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Aimi Peng

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PostSubject: Aimi Peng   Mon May 02, 2016 3:34 pm

Aimi Peng

Princess of the Earth Kingdom

Name: Aimi Peng
Age: 27
Birthplace: Ba Sing Se Palace
Current Residence: Ba Sing Se Palace
Rank: Princess of the Earth Kingdom, Bender
Occupation: Princess of the earth kingdom
Element: Light


Name: Nala
Age: 15 years old


Protective, and fiercely so. Nala does not trust anyone near Aimi and is always on guard when those unknown to her come near Aimi. She must first smell every individual before Aimi can speak to them so that she can find and kill that person should they do her master any harm. She loves Aimi and is not just bound by duty to her, she loves her like a mother loves a child.
Brief History:
Nala is a Shirshu given to Aimi when she was twelve around the time her mother died. It was to protect her and remove her from the kingdom if any harm was to befall her. The two became attached at the hip and Nala is never far from Aimi.

Name: Sol Bringer
Brief History:
When Aimi was sixteen she realized the world is a dangerous place, and this holds true ever for a princess, especially for a princess. She began taking lessons with a sword and as she grew she was given Sol Bringer as a gift from her teacher. It is a three foot blade in length and it's blade is rather reflective working well with her light bending. She has had the blade ever since and it has been known to represent her as a symbol of her status and persons.

Birthday: September 2nd, 710 AO
Blood type: A+
Hobbies: Hunting, Reading, Traveling
Quirks: (Something unique or unusual about this character)
Family: King Onao Peng- Father (Now deceased)
Queen Leihsing Peng- Mother (Now deceased)
Princess (General) Parvada Peng- Twin sister
King Hui Peng- Younger brother
Character Theme:

Long honey blond hair falls from Aimi's head and just past her shoulders. Usual styled with bangs that cover her forehead and frame her face, with a elegant bun pulled towards the back and braided. Aimi hardly lets her hair down and prefers it in neat ponytails or styled buns. Her hair is relatively straight with a few curls here and there at the ends of it. She has one " problem " hair that sticks out atop of her head and seemingly has a life of it's own. She cannot control it and has given up on doing so.
Aimi holds a pair of earthy green eyes, a trait that runs in her family. Her eyes are almond shaped with thick, short lashes framing them.
Height: 5'8
Being the Princess that she is, Aimi has a large selection of clothing and never wears the same thing twice. She is never really drawn to one color but does dress with occasion, weather, and situation in mind. She is though never without some sort of armor which is usually fashioned to compliment her dresses while not being heavy though still effective.
Aimi has fairly smooth, clear skin. There are some cuts and nicks here and there but nothing truly noticeable. Her skin is a milky color with peach undertones that glow, showing her youth and health.
Body Type:
Aimi looks to be a dainty thing with the subtle curves of a woman. One could not tell by looking at her but she does her fair share of training and working out. Her slim figure with a nipped in waist, one couldn't fathom her holding a sword without tipping over herself.

If one were to speak about Aimi, the one of a long forgotten time then they would speak of her ignorance and carefree nature. It is funny what a few incidents can do to a person, especially a person like Aimi. A princess one of royal blood she holds herself with pride and demands respect when she enters a room. Her presence alone feels as if it devours any area that she is in and she makes damn sure she does not go unnoticed. Getting down to it Aimi is not a very complicated person, nor has she ever been. She only wants to leave behind a legacy in this world. Seeing how easily her mother was snatched from her Aimi does not want to leave the world without leaving her names in the minds of countless generations. To this end she has become ever more vain but in a less outward way. She does not care for the likes of good or evil she only cares if her actions brings her name closer to that of a god. With this being said Aimi is very manipulative seeing people as a way to climb ever upward in the world. She uses war as a front to earn glory and places herself in politics so that she can gather information about the world around her to use later.

Over the years Aimi has proven to be quite intelligent and finds herself a few steps ahead of most people. She does not trust easily and quietly shuns those of lesser blood and title. Aimi is not afraid to say what is on her mind but she understands the power of subtly and is usually very sarcastic in what she says. She dislikes the idea of a damsel in distress and does not care to be approached by the opposite sex unless she knows them. She is stubborn almost to a fault and has a hard time tolerating those who disrespect her. She does not forgive nor does she forget and is quick to act on revenge when she gets the chance too. To the outside world she is almost unapproachable as she places a cold glare in her eyes to deter people from walking up to her. Aimi is not all thorn though, when in the right setting she is quite charismatic and may even revert to her old ways, though just a tiny bit. Aimi does however respect strength, power, and hard work and treats those individuals as her equal should she find at least one of those qualities in them.

Aimi, deep, deep inside is still the cute and overly feminine princess that she decided to kill. It shows in her clothing, in the way she moves and how she holds herself. She cannot hide it from those who know her and it betrays her when she has given herself to a person fully. When one truly has Aimi she becomes pudding in their hands and extremely dangerous. With who she is now and what she was before Aimi will slay a whole nation for the person or persons she loves. She is quick to draw her weapon without any thought to any other person if any harm befalls her loved ones.  

Personal Strengths:
+ Intelligent and Analytical, Aimi is always a few steps ahead of the crowd
+ Aimi is quite strong willed, stubborn as a bull she do
Personal Weaknesses:
- She underestimates mostly everyone.
- Her rather ambitious outlook on life can cause her to betray those around her
Hamartia: The Pursuit of Power, Blind Ambition.
Personal Hero: N/A
Dreams and Ambitions: To Unite All Under Her Own Banner

Drinking ( Alcohol )

Weak Individuals.
Dirty rooms or Messy things.
Being Disrespected.

Brief History:
Aimi Peng was born as a twin set in the earth kingdom and as the earth kingdoms princess. She lived most of her young life back and forth between the kingdom and the battlefield with her family. During this time she was never really close to her brother and father. Aimi of course didn't mind as long as she got what she wanted which was fairly easily because of her status. After the war was over Aimi's mother died and this devastated the girl more than anything. She became withdrawn and rude to almost everyone she came in contact with. She began to pick up the sword and other weapons, practicing and training so she wouldn't have to think about the loss. Aimi felt as if she had no one to talk to and slowly in her mind she knew that death could strike anyone..

As the years pushed on and she got older the Earth Princess has made a name for herself as she took up politics and the like. The girl she was before her mother had died had died with her mother. She was quite different and no one knew what to make of it. She stayed to herself and when she was of age, she began to travel and ignoring her family and duties as a princess whatever they may have been. Inside of her now she festers and wants to remove her brother from the throne so that she can reign. But for now she seeks other means of power...
I Don't Need A Savior

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PostSubject: Re: Aimi Peng   Fri May 20, 2016 12:41 pm

I just came and saw this :p didn't realize it was finished--unless it's not. Lemme know the status :p XD I don't wanna approve something not finished, but don't rush to finish it either k? Sorry if this has been sitting here for a while also XD

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PostSubject: Re: Aimi Peng   Fri May 20, 2016 1:01 pm

Its done
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Loremaster General

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PostSubject: Re: Aimi Peng   Fri May 20, 2016 4:12 pm

Approved! I'll PM you the link to the topic Smile welcome home!

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PostSubject: Re: Aimi Peng   

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Aimi Peng
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