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420 years after the fall of Ozai, decades of tranquility have brought about an era where peace is no longer only a mere philosophical abstraction. However beyond the grasp of the Four Nations, a long lost legacy resurfaces.
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 Ralris Wynphyra

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PostSubject: Ralris Wynphyra   Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:27 pm

    NAME: Ralris Wynphyra (RĀL-rĭss wĭn-FĪ-RĀH)
    NICKNAME(S): The Cursed Prince
    AGE: Nineteen-years-old
    BIRTHPLACE: The Palace of Light, Solrin, Light Kingdom
    CURRENT RESIDENCE: The Palace of Light
    RANK: Royal / Bender
    OCCUPATION: Light Prince / First Prince of Light
    ELEMENT: Light
    WEAPON: Long red sword

    BIRTHDAY: 12 25 0402 AO
    HOBBIES: Ralris enjoys research, and exploration. In his spare time, he is a cartographer, documenting new sights and zones of the kingdom. He has a thirst for knowledge and history that cannot be quenched, content with searching the end's of the earth until he is satisfied. In fact, if he didn't have a duty to uphold in the Palace of Light, he isn't so sure he would still be calling it "home."
    QUIRKS: Ralris and his twin brother, Rin, are considered a "bad omen." Due to the nature of the Light Kingdom's history, many people are superstitious, and taken out such beliefs on the children. When they are near, they are quiet; hushed. Others weren't allowed to play with them, or even speak to "their kind," with Rosen, their sister, being the only exception. The fear of "another cursed rule" was so great, many worry of how they will become and grow. Any association was slim to none if you were a local and knew of their family's past.

    • SALLAN WYNPHYRA V, father, and current Light King.

    • SOLRICK WYNPHYRA, uncle and captain of the Royal Guard.

    • RIN WYNPHYRA, younger twin brother.

    • ROSEN WYNPHYRA, younger sister, and betrothed to Nobuyuki of the Fire Nation.

    CHARACTER THEME: Yellow Light by Of Monsters and Men

    HAIR: Like his father, Ralris's hair is so golden blonde, that is nearly white. However, rather than curling, it lays straight and feathered out where it pleases.
    EYES: They're blue hues with flicks of gold.
    HEIGHT: 6'2" ft. (189 cm.)
    CLOTHES: Ralris commonly sports a white cloak over whatever he chooses to don that day, noting because that is the only consistent piece in his wardrobe. He's partial to whites and light colored clothing, rather than the shades of purple and gold his father wears. The less he can stand out, the better, blending in with the royal army.
    SKIN: His skin is like porcelain, quite literally in color and durability, inheriting this trait from his father. Delicate and soft, one hit and a bruise surfaces. Cuts have the tendency to last for days. His body is entirely much more fragile than it appears, but that doesn't stop him from giving his all in a fight.
    BODY TYPE: Neither skinny to the bone, or built like a military captain, Ralris is somewhere in between the two body types. He's fairly strong and muscular, though not the fittest in the world, never taking to his uncle's training or rather, being particularly fond of it.

    PERSONALITY: Ralris has a dismissive personality that is often confused with arrogance, quick to belittle others and treat them as though they're nothing more than the dirt beneath his feet. In reality, he simply doesn't care, and doesn't care enough to speak out against the stigma, either. While he has a sharp tongue and fierce demeanor, quite a stern contrast compared to his siblings, he presents himself in a very high-horse manner only because that's what he feels as though is easiest and closest to his true thoughts. You can explain being rude through self-importance, but not as easily through careless and the fact that you are barely concerned with other's trivial dismays. He simply just can't put the effort forth to pleasing people, and rather, assumes the personality that is projected unto him. He cannot connect; he's out of place.
    Observant, noticing more than people normally would
    Honest, whether you want to hear it or not
    Thoughtful, putting much of himself into every idea and interaction
    Unloyal, impressionable
    Impulsive and reckless, having the potential to be unhinged
    Irrational, acting strictly on emotion
    HAMARTIA: His inability to discern between right and wrong, easily swayed by how he feels.
    PERSONAL HERO: The old king of the Light Kingdom, before the nation parted into darkness.
    DREAMS AND AMBITIONS: To fill the empty hole within him; to find a place where he truly belongs although he'd never admit it.

    Napping beneath Vyllbrandt's Tree
    Sitting on rooftops, merely people watching
    His sister Rosen, not particularly fond of brother Rin
    Rin, his brother, and how weak he presents himself
    People, especially if they're chatty and invasive
    The concept of light bending, and its formalities

    When Ralris was born, a joyous occasion became one of worry. Because he was born a twin, throughout his entire life, he was considered a "bad omen" to the kingdom, with whispers being heard everywhere he went. Everyone believed his existence, or rather, him and his twin's would bring "another cursed age." Children weren't allowed to play with him, and people never went near him. Of course, this led him to wonder about his past, and perhaps, how he could belong in history, if he couldn't in reality.

    He had believed his family's story to be told in one manner ― in the way of his father's, Sallan Wynphyra V's. The tapestries and history books even mimicked his responses to Ralris's curiosity; that there once was a benevolent queen who married the Captain of the Royal Guards. They, and all their loyal subjects, lived happily ever after . . . but, how could that be?

    How could he be a curse?

    You see, if they were ever so loved by the people, how do you explain their scorn directed towards their great grandfather, and their fear of the military? The hushed talk of their great grandmother? And, the phrase, "The Old King Lives. The Old King Will Return?" What happened before to affect the now?

    Who was the "Old King?"

    Why was he, a child, the cursed one?

    What was his fate?

    It wasn't until Ralris overheard an argument between his uncle, Solrick, did he discover the truth: their family had bad blood, or rather, their reign had been associated with such, which was why his birth was a devastation. He was able to unearth the dark past of his lineage, and learned how his great grandmother did not die of old age, but killed herself for a lost love; a love that was replaced by the head of the militia. He learned of how the old queen had been driven to insanity, and why the second-born son now dictates the title of "Captain." He discovered it all, and why his reputation was now tarnished before he even had a chance, because of the past; why he couldn't have a life without eyes on him, believing him to fail.

    Because of the preconceived notion that he would be the "cursed prince," Ralris began to play the part, succumbing to his "fate." Perhaps, it was the people's anticipation that caused him to be this way, and evolve into everything he wanted to fight. Perhaps, if they had never believed in such a omen, they could have prevented his downfall.

    No matter, although Rin, his brother, is to take over the royal guards, he has now become the hope of the people. Where does that leave the heir to the king?

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Ralris Wynphyra
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